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Feeling Scared on your Success Quest?

We all have fear.

(it does seem SO BIG, doesn’t it?)

It’s usually the number one reason that people don’t move forward in the pursuit of their big, luscious, bodacious dreams.

I’m no exception. Fear has held me back on things I really, really wanted, just like the rest of the dreaming world.

I get asked a lot how I deal with it. How I keep moving forward.

My answer:

treat fear as what it is – an asset.

β€œFear-as-an-asset say what?”

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Why I Finally Want to Blog Again – A 2013 Declaration

2012.Β  The Clearing. A year of figuring out what I did not want to do. It went a little like something like this: Refining my marketing muscle. Measuring results. Loving, leaving and loving again. Believing in my God-gifts. The Introvert believed to be an Extrovert – Outed. Forgiving the past.Β  Living in my present. Accepting […]

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