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Expiring Bonus #1: Breakthrough Bootcamp (value of $23,285)
Expiring Bonus #2: The Trust Funnel Intensive (value of $2997)
Expiring Bonus #3: Copywriting Power Pack (value of $797)

Mic Drop Bonus: The Ca$h Calendar System (value of $2997)


Expiring Bonus #1: Confidently Breakthrough Bootcamp (Value of $23,285)

My signature, done-with-you online business building system that will teach you how to turn your expertise into a profitable business.

Everyday of the program you’ll follow a step-by-step training to guide you through the process of marketing and selling your knowledge to the audience that needs it.

By the end of this program you’ll have created a message that attracts your dream audience, a marketing system that consistently enrolls new clients and an offer deck that will sell like hotcakes.

When paired with the media you’ll land using the Impacting Millions program, you’re going to monetize your media features 3x faster than the average online expert.

Expiring Bonus #2: The Trust Funnel Intensive (Value of $2997)

This high-converting sales strategy is a funnel built on demonstrating that your business is THE trusted authority to work with.

You’ll get the exact funnel my business uses to create instant trust with leads who meet me for the first time, including the mind maps, templates, flow charts, swipe files & systems. Using this training you’ll be able to build this funnel in a single weekend. Boom.

Expiring Bonus #3: Copywriting Power Pack (Value of $797)

Copywriting is the most important skill in the world of marketing but it’s also the hardest skill to develop.

In this bonus you’ll master the writing words that speak to your ideal clients greatest pain points with such clarity, they’ll start reaching out to you asking how they can work with you.

Because the results from using this bonus are so transformational, I normally reserve it for clients who pay $15k+ to work with me…

But you’ll receive all the high-converting swipe templates for landing pages & websites when you enroll into Impacting Millions.

Mic Drop Bonus: The Ca$h Calendar System (Value of $2997)

Consistently knowing what to talk about on social media without spending crazy amounts of time is hard…

Unless you have a system that tells you what to post and when to post it!

In this bonus you’ll get the exact system that my company uses to strategically plan & create high value content that creates more sales, in less than 3 hours each week.

Using this system you’ll never have to deal with the overwhelm of figuring out the content that will attract your dream clients.


“Oprah Magazine said, ‘YESSSSSSSS,’ to me! One of my dreams come true. I shared a story about the best gift I’ve ever gotten and they love it. My life is amazing.

Thank you, Selena Soo, for this course, the encouragement, and these opportunities.”

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

I’m ecstatic that my Entrepreneur on Fire interview went LIVE today!!! I could not have gotten this without Impacting Millions® and the Insider shares here.

Tree Franklin

So excited to share! Was just featured in Business Insider thanks to the amazing Selena Soo!

Emily Williams

I had been thinking about writing about this topic for almost a year now. When the Manchester City bombing occurred (followed by other attacks around the world) I knew I needed to get this idea out there SOON. I knew it could help people, and that now was a good time to get the message out there. Fortunately, thanks to Selena, this course, and this group, I knew exactly what channels to go to to get published! Today I woke up with my first Elephant Journal post! Very excited to share it with you all.

Jeremy Lipowitz


I am a proud partner of the Impacting Millions program. If you enroll through my link, my company will receive a commission which means I’ll in turn provide you with bonuses to make your experience even better! My company only promotes people and programs that we’ve personally worked with. Buy with confidence.