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The 4 Ways to Build Your Brand Story

The 4 Ways to Build Your Brand Story

Stories have always been a part of communicating ideas to other people, whether it was through music or a conversation, stories can make the world go round with all the information it holds.

Your brand story is like that, too. It has the power to turn heads or even reach the other side of the world if you wanted it to.

Here are four steps you can take to create the best brand story for your business.

  1. Write Your Story

So, if you’ve been following me on the blog, you may already know that your consumers care about why they should care about you. They want to know if you or your product is right for them. They want to know if you’re being genuine or reasonable. They want to know you and your story, but if you don’t start sharing it, then how would people know about it?

Here are some key pointers to consider when you first draft your brand story:

  • Who are you
  • What do you do?
  1. Be Detailed

Have you ever listened to a vague story? A story that didn’t really have enough details for you to really enjoy it and, as a result, you don’t read it anymore?

Same here.

This is why your brand story needs to have the details because the more interesting the story, the more intrigued the listeners will be.

A lot of people believe that other people wouldn’t care about their stories when that’s just the opposite. Why?

It bridges a connection with you.

For example, let’s say I’m a cat person. Other cat people will be able to connect with me because we have a love for cats. It’s the same with dog people. Dog people tend to hang out with dog people because they both love dogs.

Here’s some things to think about when describing the details:

  •  Why do your products/services matter?
  •  Who will they affect? Why age? What race?
  •  Can you provide statistics or explain any reports that were used?
  1.  Make it Custom

If your business has multiple niches, you’ll want to change your language to fit theirs. Using the cat and dog people as an example, you wouldn’t want to send an email about cat products to your dog loving friend and vice versa.

Even if your business only does happen to be one niche, you still need to think about how old they are or where they’re coming from.

If you genuinely care for them, they will care for you.

  1.  Surprise them with Presents

Do you know how some businesses have special credit cards that’ll give you discounts or exclusive newsletters filled with monthly coupons? People love feeling special after all.

Using special content like that or free downloads of your favorite book is the last step to finishing your brand story.

You may not think this is important, but it is. Not only are you keeping your customers, you’ll also gain new ones in the process. With this in mind, combine step 4 with step 3 to create the best of both worlds- you can create certain promotions or gifts for certain groups of people.

Plus, having this kind of information shows your customers that you are the real deal, not a phony.

What will yours look like?

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