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Reading Between the Lines of Your Audience

Reading Between the Lines of Your Audience

Are you effectively serving your audience?

You might be thinking, “Of course I am Jen. I do tell them about my service, products, etc. so I can solve their needs.”

Well, true service consists of so much more than that.

You see, many people believe they shouldn’t share their knowledge or ideas with the rest of the world since it’s theirs to keep.

But that’s wrong.

It was given to you so that somebody who’s been praying for you, wishing that a solution could come their way, that you would be brave enough, that you would be courageous enough, that you would be bold enough to tell them that you can help them. But the way to help them is not just to say to them, “Hey, I can help you.” Because to be honest with you, we live in a very noisy world. There’s a lot of people out there competing for our time, dollars, our pocketbooks, right?

But the key to this is knowing who your customers really are.

What are their hobbies? Do they have a family? What are their needs?

You have to get to know the person inside, out.

Let’s say you’re a trainer and one of your customers says, “I wanna lose weight. I wanna get rid of 25 pounds.”

But in reality, they have a different story. Maybe this customer wants to start a healthy lifestyle after not doing so for a while. Maybe this customer wants to feel confident again. There are so many maybes that you need to go find out by learning how to serve to their needs rather than treat them as a price tag.

By doing this, not only are you proving to them that you’re reliable, you’re authentic. And believe me, showing people that you actually care goes a very long way.

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