A Message that’s Authentic, Persuasive and Encompasses EVERYTHING that is you, is What Every Successful Entrepreneur & CEO Wants…

They know the stronger their message, the less work they need to do. On one hand, it more easily converts cold traffic into leads, leads into sales prospects and sales prospects into new clients.

On the other hand, it equips their team to make better decisions, maintain brand experience, write better copy and better represent the company…

After all, a unique message leaves a trail of French, buttery breadcrumbs that only the RIGHT people want to pick up and devour. Which means better clients, team members, ambassadors, strategic partners and opportunities.

So like I said…

A message that’s authentic, persuasive and encompasses EVERYTHING that is you, is what every successful entrepreneur & CEO wants.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Jen Kem,
Your Brand Futurist

If there’s something I know about entrepreneurs & CEOs who understand the value of an inspiring message that draws people in…

It’s that they’re sick and tired of fumbling through the newest funnel, stressing over what to post on social media, re-enrolling their team to understand the brand voice (again) and figuring out how to get more people to spend money.

They want the RIGHT message that beckons to the RIGHT people who throw money at whatever they have to offer, both literally and figuratively.

They want a message that spreads like wildfire, putting their name in the mouth of influential people, industry leaders and industry peers.

The message that encompasses all of the things they’re passionate about…

Their Unique Message.

It’s a message that spans who you are at this very moment AND who you’ll be when you’re doing the BIG things you truly want to be doing.

If there’s one thing I’m extremely good at, it’s leading entrepreneurs & CEOs through the deep work of shaping their Unique Message.

If you’ve followed my track record, you’ll see that I’ve been the brand strategist behind dozens of 7, 8 and 9-figure brands since 2013…

And while I’d love to take all the credit, the truth is they all knew they had something great to offer the world.

I just guided them through the process to shape their Unique Message.

The exact same structure I want to walk you through in a Messaging VIP Day with me.

So if you want a Unique Message that creates results for the entrepreneur/CEO you are today AND supports the entrepreneur/CEO person who’s doing the big, exciting, world changing things you truly want to be doing…

Let’s work together.










All the Logistics

You, me and any leadership roles on your team.

A Messaging VIP Day with me, Jen Kem


  1. One, 3-hour meeting
  2. A 30-minute touch base meetings 45-days later

At my office in The Bay Area of San Francisco. My team will send you a list of nearby hotels & AirBnb’s once your date is solidified.

You want to create an even more persuasive and authentic message with the help of a brand strategist who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs & CEOs build multi 7, 8 and 9-figure brands.

The Cost:

  • The total cost of a Messaging VIP Day with me is $5,000.
  • First, a deposit of $1,000 is required to solidify your date.
  • Second, the remaining balance of $4,000 is due 7-business days before we meet. Depending on how far out you schedule this can be broken into monthly payments.

Next Steps

If working 1:1 with me is within your budget, schedule a call with a Messaging Consultant certified in my Unique Message Model framework.

Schedule a call with a Messaging Consultant certified in my Unique Message Model framework. On that call they’ll ask questions about your goals, needs, what’s working, what isn’t and so on to fully understand your business.

If they determine you’re a good fit, they’ll talk about the VIP Day with you. If they don’t think you’re a good fit, they won’t even bring it up.

Once your deposit is received you’ll be sent an in-depth form with a bunch of questions so I can understand your business and do my own research to bring you my thoughts and ideas.

Then in no time we’ll be in the beautiful Bay Area of San Francisco workshopping YOUR Unique Message.

It’s so exciting to think about!

Jennifer Kem | jenniferkem.com | Marketing Mastermind, Success Strategist and Brand Expert

Questions & Answers

What will I walk away with after this VIP Day?

At minimum, you’ll walk away with your Unique Message Model:
1) Your 5 brand values,
2) A unique definition of your Archetype Influence Mix,
3) 6 persuasive stories for your marketing,
4) A refined Master USE Case,
5) A fine tuned offer,
6) A deeper understanding of your Rich Niche and,
7) An overarching brand strategy for the next 12 – 24 months based on your industry

What’s the total cost of a Messaging VIP Day?

$5,000. The deposit to secure your date is $1,000 then the remaining balance of $4,000 is due 7-business days before we meet.

Where will the VIP Day take place?

At my office in the Bay Area, California.

Is it just you and me?

Yes, unless you want to bring members of your leadership team.

Is there any support after the VIP Day?

We’ll have one 30-minute touch base call approximately 45-days after the VIP Day to assess what is and isn’t working so we can assess where to focus next.
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